Gave me peace of mind in an otherwise very stressful circumstance. Thank you for providing an outcome that everyone said was impossible.

Retain him! When you think of key words that accurately describe a lawyer kind, honest, and supportive are not the first to come to mind. I would happily encourage anyone to choose Howard to represent them. Howard gave me peace of mind in an otherwise very stressful circumstance. He's been in the business long enough to know how to get the desired result and yet my case was won because he thought outside of the box. Not because of the same stale tactics. Before retaining Howard I reached out to a friend who is a public defender, a friend in her final year of law school, friends and friends of friends who have been through the DUI process. Each and every person told me that they were sorry but that they didn't think much could be done. Thank you Howard for proving them wrong and providing an outcome to a case that everyone else said was impossible.

– Anonymous

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