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Arrested for Leaving the Scene of an Accident?

A hit and run charge can result  from a car accident even if you were not the one who caused the accident.

If you are in any way involved in an automobile accident then you must stop and at minimum leave your information at the scene.  If you are involved in an accident with another car or where someone has been injured  the you must:

Give your name, address, insurance company, insurance policy number, and vehicle license number and shall exhibit his or her vehicle driver's license to any person struck or injured or the driver or any occupant of, or any person attending, any such vehicle collided with and shall render to any person injured in such accident reasonable assistance, including the carrying or the making of arrangements for the carrying of such person to a physician or hospital for medical treatment if it is apparent that such treatment is necessary or if such carrying is requested by the injured person or on his or her behalf. Under no circumstances shall the rendering of assistance or other compliance with the provisions of this subsection be evidence of the liability of any driver for such accident.

This offense is typically charged as a misdemeanor, depending on the amount of damage or physical harm which was allegedly inflicted. However, it may be charged as a felony if another party was injured armed in the alleged accident.

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Defending Hit & Run Charges

In order to reach a conviction, the prosecutor in your case will have to gather sufficient evidence to prove that you knowingly committed the crime. There are a variety of factors involved in this process, including that you caused the accident, did not identify yourself, that there was damage done, and that you fled the scene of the accident. Meanwhile, our legal team can work to build an effective defense strategy on your side.

A few examples of legal solutions we may employ include:

  • Mistaken identity: You were not the driver 
  • Lack of knowledge: If you were not aware that you caused property damage or that an accident occurred, we may be able to argue that there was a lack of knowledge.
  • There was no damage caused to the other party: If you suffered damage to your car, but the other car or party was not harmed.
  • The parties have agreed to resolve the case: In some circumstances if the damages are all paid the parties may ask the court to dismiss the case.

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