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When you think of a speeding violation, you likely picture getting pulled over, being handed a ticket, paying some money and going on with your life. While some speeding tickets go this route, not all speeding violations are the same. Both local and state law enforcement, as well as highway patrol, make great efforts to cut down on vehicles driving over the speed limit, which means strictly enforcing laws. The consequences for violating the speed limit could be much greater than you think.

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Understanding the Speed Limits in Washington

Speed limits are put in place to protect everyone on the road, ensuring that all drivers are going around the same speed. When someone drives recklessly or goes way above the speed limit, it can cause potential safety hazards for other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.

Except where it is specifically posted otherwise, the speed limits throughout most places in Washington are as follows:

  • 60 MPH on state highways
  • 50 MPH on county roads
  • 25 MPH on city and town roads

Why Are Speeding Violations Given Out?

One of the most common types of traffic offenses ticketed throughout Bellevue and the surrounding areas is for speeding. There is more than one type of speeding violation, such as going above the maximum limit, school zone violations, and driving too fast for conditions.

For example, if you were going quickly while it was snowing outside and other cars had slowed down, you could find yourself facing a ticket even if you did not go over the posted speed limit. However, in most cases, speeding violations are given out to cars which have been deemed to be driving recklessly.

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