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At Stein, Lotzkar & Starr, P.S., our attorneys have been serving the East Side and Seattle area for over 30 years. We have more than a century of combined legal experience in negotiating, trying jury cases, and pursuing successful appeals. We have success because we know more and do more. Our attorneys have been prosecutors, pro tem judges, instructors and speakers throughout the state. Our attorneys are members of the American Academy of Forensic Scientists, the Washington Foundation for Criminal Justice and Domestic Violence support groups.

Our criminal defense attorneys have defended clients at every level, from district and municipal courts throughout King, Snohomish, and Pierce counties, and to the Washington State Supreme Court and Court of Appeals. We have won cases in courts including numerous cases at The Supreme Court.

The process of litigating criminal defense cases takes time and can be stressful. When you hire the skilled attorneys and staff at Stein, Lotzkar & Starr, P.S., we can help you remain grounded, and feel secure in the knowledge that we are watching out for your best interests. That means less stress and better results.

Proven Commitment to Defending Your Rights

Since 2006, the law firm of Stein, Lotzkar & Starr, P.S. has provided quality criminal defense and legal representation in the Greater Seattle area. Our team of skilled attorneys takes pride in listening to your needs and helping you achieve the best possible outcome. Although we see many cases, we know that your situation is unique. That is why we approach each case with utmost care. Our talented team will treat you in a professional and compassionate manner and offer you clear and thoughtful advice. When you make the decision to hire one of our experienced lawyers, you can rest assured that you have an advocate on your side.

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Recent Case Results

  • Blomstrom v. Tripp, 189 Wn. 2d 379, 402 P.3d 831 (2017) Co Author, Washington Foundation for Criminal Justice amicus curiae Read On

  • State v. Baird, 187 Wn. 2d 210, 386 P.3 239 (2016). Co Author, Washington Foundation for Criminal Justice amicus curiae.  Read On

  • DUI State v. Flanigan, et al., Snohomish County District Cause No. 5303A-15D (2015-2016) pending litigation challenging the foundation and admissibility of the Drager breath testing instrument Read On

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