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Find My Court Date

Important Directions: Click the button above to find your court date and courtroom number. You will be directed to the Washington Courts website. From the available dropdown select the applicable King County location in the dropdown and follow the prompts to find your court details.

  • KCDC-EAST DIVISION - BELLEVUE (for Bellevue Public Defendants)
  • KCDC-EAST DIVISION - NORTHEAST (for Redmond Public Defendants)
  • KCDC-EAST DIVISION - ISSAQUAH (for Sammamish Public Defendants)


For additional assistance please contact the King County District Court.

King County District Court

Monday - Friday (8:30am - 4:30pm)

You can then press "0" to talk to a court clerk
Press "1" to inform the court if you are going to be late

Navigating District Court Phone Tree

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