Howard was great-- the case was resolved to our whole families satisfaction

I researched Howard through Attorney friends of mine when one of my underage (3 months before their 21st Birthday) children was arrested for DUI (0.04). Howard was was great--not only as an attorney but also as small -c counselor; As an attorney: 1. friendly ,concise 2. knowledgeable 3. very transparent and reasonable in 'pricing' 4. his respect for and from the court was very apparent during court sessions. 5. defense planning and follow-through was timely 6. documentation of each step was excellent. As a small-c counselor was where Howard made the biggest impact with our child. Drinking and driving was an expression of --as Bob Seger best put it--'awkward teenage blues.' .......Howard recognized this --with both short term professional help and Howard's direct counseling and his 'Jewish Uncle's ' helping hand and experience, our child grew remarkably. Nice work,Howard! The case was resolved to our whole families satisfaction.

– Anonymous

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