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Holistic Defense for Financially Motivated Offenses

White collar crime is a term which covers a wide category of crimes that are financially motivated or involve an intent to do financial damage. These types of crimes are usually not violent but instead involve the abuse of one's position or power to illegally gain money. Depending on the nature of the alleged offense, crimes of this nature are often under investigation by local and federal agencies for months or years before arrests are made.

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Common Kinds of White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes can be charged in federal or state court and charges may be filed for a number of different offenses, depending on the circumstances. If you even suspect that you are being investigated, hiring skilled and holistic team of Bellevue criminal defense lawyers right away is in your best interest. Our firm has 100 years of combined experience fighting criminal charges, including all types of white collar crimes.

We represent the following white collar crimes:

  • Embezzlement
  • Fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Bank fraud
  • Internet fraud
  • Internet theft crimes
  • RICO
  • Identity theft
  • Stock scams

Skilled Legal Defense in the Greater Seattle Area

White collar crimes can range from a one-time embezzlement scam to activities which have taken place over many years. At Stein, Lotzkar & Starr, P.S., we are known for our personalized and holistic approach to criminal defense. We realize that every case is different and therefore we are dedicated to providing you with the quality of representation and guidance you deserve. If you have any confusion about the charges filed against you, we are here to answer your questions and ensure you understand your rights.

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