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Vehicular Assault Lawyers in Bellevue

Defense Solutions for Serious Driving Offenses

Traffic offenses that cause bodily harm or death to another person are taken extremely seriously in the eyes of the law. If you have been accused or arrested for vehicular assault or homicide, you could be facing life-altering consequences. At Stein, Lotzkar & Starr, P.S., our Bellevue traffic offense attorneys have 100 years of combined experience and the necessary skill to defend you.

We offer representation for the following crimes:

  • Vehicular assault
  • Vehicular homicide

Understanding Vehicular Crimes Under Washington Law

If a driver is alleged to be behaving recklessly or is under the influence and hits another car or person, causing bodily injury, this could be considered vehicular assault. When a car strikes another vehicle or a pedestrian and the person who was hit dies, it is defined as vehicular homicide.

There are many factors taken into consideration to prove either of these cases, including:

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The penalties for a conviction of vehicular assault or homicide can be severe. Depending on the nature of the offense and how much physical harm was allegedly done, you could be facing time in prison, restitution, probation, and large fines. Our legal team is here to ensure you understand your rights and options and help protect you from the consequences of a conviction. It is vital that you hire a Bellevue criminal attorney right away to defend your rights.

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