Paul G. Rogers

Paul Rogers
Paul Rogers

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Mr. Rogers represents clients in the Bellevue District Court.  If you have a Bellevue case and your last name starts with the letter H - O,  He will be your attorney unless you have a Domestic Violence related case. Domestic Violence related matters are handled by Ms. Starr.

Mr. Rogers earned his Bachelor's degree in genetics, during which time he also founded a biotech company focused on advancing antiviral treatments. His education continued into law school, where he discovered an interest in trial advocacy, ultimately influencing his career direction toward courtroom-related work. Alongside his academic and professional pursuits, Paul loves animals, especially dogs, and he finds joy in exercising and reading (especially science fiction). Among his memorable life experiences, living in South America after high school stands out, as it not only allowed him to become proficient in Spanish but also become deeply familiar with a culture very distinct from his own.

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