King County Community Court Helps Non-Violent Offenders Rehabilitate Themselves

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King County Community Court in Redmond Provides Accountability & Opportunity for Non-Violent Offenders

Judge Lisa Paglisotti oversees a new court designed to help people rebuild their lives after a criminal charge. King County Community Court (KCCC) is held every Wednesday afternoon in a room at the public library in Redmond, and Judge Paglisotti knows the participants by name.

The Court provides resources for people who have been convicted of non-violent crimes in order to help them apply for jobs, complete their community service, and take other positive steps to avoid reentering the criminal justice system. Judge Paglisotti and others who run the KCCC recognize that criminal acts do not occur in a vacuum, and patterns of criminal activity are often stimulated by other issues such as mental illness, drug addiction, poverty, and so on. As such, participants in the KCCC are given access to addiction treatment, help finding affordable housing, transportation assistance, and even technology classes to help them gain an advantage when applying for jobs or applying to academic programs.

One person at the recent Court who had just landed a job said, “[KCCC] helps me a lot. They give out a lot of resources that can help people in the community. They've helped me do a lot of things.”

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